Public Engagement

Public Engagement

Clearly identifying resident and market demands can be a difficult task. It involves analysis of sometimes disparate community needs; projected shifts in demographic and the overall population; and recognition of broad trends in participation and service provision. Identifying community needs and distinguishing real market need can only be achieved through a combination of primary and secondary research and a review and analysis of current and past community planning initiatives.

Professionals at RC Strategies have planned and implemented innumerable primary research programs throughout western and northern Canada. Many of these public participation/consultation processes have been associated with broad community and regional planning initiatives. In addition to their extensive experience, RC Strategies has a team member with International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) certification.

RC Strategies has proven methodologies for collecting information from the public and stakeholders. Expert interpretation of the data and application of its meaning will serve to enhance community development and planning objectives. Consolidated research provides insights and answers to many questions such as:

  • What are the community’s development priorities?
  • How effective are our programs?
  • Who is using our services?
  • What level of facility utilization can be expected in the future?

Our services include:

  • Complete public engagement/public participation planning
  • Focus/discussion group design and facilitation
  • Personal interviews
  • Survey design and administration (phone, mail out, web)
  • Survey tabulation and analysis
  • Town hall meetings
  • Open houses
  • Design charrettes
  • Workshops
  • World café’s
  • Issue specific mail outs and flyers
  • Special presentations
  • Social media applications