Michael Roma, MBA

Michael has over 15 years of consulting experience throughout western and northern Canada. His vast knowledge of municipal operations, urban planning, economic development and tourism planning, leisure services planning (including recreation, parks, heritage and arts) and overall community development has proven valuable to all of his clients. This experience and understanding of green space and recreation fit into broader community visioning and growth makes him a catalyst for success and a worthy project manager. Michael ’s experience provides a holistic perspective to building recreation capital that is not only focused but introduces broader initiatives throughout the community from the neighbourhood park to the local arena; from the marketing messages to music in the streets; from recreation activity to a blend of sports and passive recreation. Michael lives with his young family in Sherwood Park and is active as a recreation volunteer in his own community.

Robert Parks, MBA, CMC

Robert’s skills and experience lie in public engagement, social research and writing. Much of his time is devoted to developing and organizing surveys, conducting interviews and focus group sessions with both professionals and volunteers. Robert’s background is an educator and his love for and belief in recreation and leisure ensures for ongoing fruitful community dialogue throughout all types of projects. Robert’s credentials and experience in business planning, coupled with his public consultation and volunteer engagement skills are very valuable to clients. Robert ensures that “no stones are left unturned” when it comes to the needed research and public dialogue most central to the development of strategic plans. As well, his skills in operational modeling, costing and community project funds resourcing will ensure that community visions will be realistic and attainable from a financial point of view.

Brian Johnston, Msc. CPRA, BCRPA

Since 1975, Brian has personally worked in more than 200 communities in Canada on over 500 consulting projects. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Brian obtained a Bachelor of Physical Education degree from the University of Manitoba and a Master of Science degree in Recreation Management from Loughborough University before working as a consultant with Loughborough Recreation Planning Consultants Ltd. in England. He then returned to Canada to work for the Department of Tourism, Recreation and Cultural Affairs in Manitoba as Recreation Facilities Consultant and then as Regional Recreation Consultant before establishing PERC.

Stephen Slawuta, BA

Stephen has extensive experience as a recreation facilitator, programmer, and participant. His past involvement in KidSport, professional sport, municipal recreation and ongoing project work with RC Strategies have exposed Stephen to understand both the benefits as well as the barriers to recreation and that many individuals face. Stephen has conducted numerous project consultation and research programs and is adept at overseeing a wide range of projects. Stephen is a member of the Recreation for Life Foundation Board and has presented at various conferences throughout Canada on topics related to recreation services and facilities.

Ryan Schwartz, BA

Ryan Schwartz has been with RC Strategies since 2014 and was a CIS athlete and student participant at the National Recreation Framework discussions in Toronto in 2014 and has participated in subsequent implementation committee work.

The Team Approach

When a client retains the services of RC Strategies, they access a network of consulting, design, engagement, and market research professionals and expertise developed over many years of consulting experience.

Teaming with other complimentary firms allows RC Strategies to develop highly efficient and effective project teams. Each team member is carefully selected based on past experience, merit and firm core competencies. This team approach ensures that the client receives the best value for their investment.

Our team is also very involved in the recreation and parks community on a voluntary level, participating in committees and investing time on various boards across Canada.